Human Animal Support Services (HASS) primary goal is to keep people and pets together. We are excited to connect you with animal welfare organizations to support the bond of people and animals. Please follow the detailed instructions below to become an official HASS Organization Partner.

The goal of The Partner Organization Program is to formally unite our human and animal support organizations, build a peer-support network, provide professional development opportunities for your staff and collect data to prove the efficacy of community-based animal programs.

1. Complete the HASS Elements Self-Assessment.

This self-assessment will help you identify your contribution to the community and give you ideas of how to increase partnership. The results from this assessment will NOT be graded or used as a qualifier to become a HASS Partner. All organizations that align with our charter and are committed to inclusive collaboration are welcome to join.

SOME of the questions will not apply to your organization, that is ok. Please only answer the questions as they pertain to YOUR organization.

2. Celebrate!

Once your assessment has been completed. Be on the lookout for your official HASS Partner Organization badge, marketing kit and next steps on getting your team involved. Welcome to the family!!