Community Partner Onboarding

We are so excited to build the first, largest and most robust pet support network with you! Having a presence on Pets.Findhelp in your community is vital to supporting pet owners in your area!

Our partnership with will go down in history as the start of human AND animal services being accessible in ONE customized platform! The Human Animal Support Services Project has partnered with to bring animal welfare to the human services table. Updates are being made regularly to continue customizing the site.

Simply follow the steps below to maximize the tools and network of

Watch the welcome video

Watch the welcome video to understand more about and how it supports organizations like yours.

Attend 101 training for your state

Claim your program

Your organization most likely has multiple programs (lost pets, found pet, rehoming, etc,) that you offer your community. Ideally, you want a listing for each and every program you offer.

Your organization may already have programs listed on and are awaiting for you to claim. You may also have more programs that need to be added.

To claim your program:

  • Visit

  • Enter the name of your program or organization, then click “Search.”

  • Select the program(s) you’d like to claim and click the “Claim” button.

  • Create an account by entering your name, work email, and password.

"Claiming your Profile" video tutorial

Not seeing your program or need to add more programs?

You should hear from within two business days!

Edit your listing

Once you have claimed your program, you will need to update your listing to ensure seekers can find you within

  • In “Edit Contact Settings,” you can make changes and updates to programs; hours and locations; and contact information.

  • Make sure there is an email address in the second box labeled “What address should we send their info to?” This email address only gets notifications from letting your program know someone has reached out. It is NOT visible in public search.

  • IMPORTANT: Review this list of key terms and list those appropriate in your program descriptions exactly as they are written in the document. If you offer spay neuter services, list "spay and neuter" in your program listing.

Request your custom simple search box widget for your website

Having a simple search box on your website is a great way to further connect your community to the services they need. There are a few options to requesting the code for a simple search box.

  1. Become a Human Animal Support Services Partner Organization. By becoming a HASS Partner, you will receive your own simple search box widget and will have backend access to search data and analytics. Find out more on our HASS Partner Organization page.

  2. If you have a Human Animal Support Services Partner in your community, you can request that they share their widget code with your organization. If you unsure if you have a partner in your community, check this

Add the simple search box to your website

This step may be one of the most important! As a pet support service provider, you want to ensure your community can find you when they need you. Placement of your simple search box is extremely crucial to the community finding services they need.

Place the simple search bar front and center on your website HOMEPAGE and on all pet and human support pages.

The widget code that will be sent to you is customizable. Check out the Instructions to customize for help.

Attend 201 training for your state

During the 201 training, you and your staff will learn how to optimize your program listings and the backend case management tools available to you.

Find a 201 training for your state!

Want a quick walkthrough now? Check out the tutorial videos.

Ensure staff is trained on network and tools

Encourage all staff to attend both Findhelp 101 and Findhelp 201 trainings. If they are unable, have them watch the walkthrough tutorial videos. This is especially critical for front line and public facing staff.

Connect with your community partners to build your local network of pet services

Creating the ideal animal welfare ecosystem in your community is not your sole responsibility. Partners exist in your community that support pet owners such as low-cost veterinary partners, food pantries that offer pet food, human shelters that allow pets, etc. Sharing with them, allows them to list their programs so the public can find them.

Check out "Sharing your findhelp platform".

Direct your partners to this page so they can go through the same process as you!

Share with your community

Sharing the website with the public, your local human service agencies and your animal welfare partners will allow the community to self-navigate finding pet help and support. The "Sharing Your Findhelp Platform" guide includes tips and tools for talking about the platform both internally and externally.

Look at your community's pet support search data

The Human Animal Support Services Project's goal is connect the community to the services they need to keep pets with their families and out of shelters. To do this effectively, we need to know what our community needs. Search data on your community can help with this.

Watch "Using your data and analytics dashboard on" video tutorial to get you started.