Finding family and pet support just got easier! is a social care platform to connect all people and pets in need and the programs that serve them (with dignity and ease). makes it easy for people facing social needs—and those who help them—to make referrals to free and reduced-cost programs and services for food, temporary boarding, veterinary care, supplies, financial assistance, and more.

What's even better? The platform is already filled with human services and resources to solidify the relationship between pets and the people that love them. Human Animal Support Services is partnering with to formally bring animals services to human services.

We need YOU to help build the first, largest and most robust network of pet support in the country! This tool is free to you and your community and powered by the Human Animal Services Project.

To be part of the network, select the button below that best describes your organization.

*Human Animal Support Services (HASS) Partner Organizations have completed a self-assessment of pet support services and have joined our Shelter Animals Count Coalition. HASS Partners also receive a custom simple search bar widget for their website for the public to search quickly and easily.

*Community Partners are both animal welfare organizations and human support organizations that provide pets support services but at this time are not HASS Partners.

*If are not sure if your organization is a HASS Partner or are interested in becoming a partner, please contact empowers and supports community organizations to more easily and effectively help people and pets in need of your services. One of the main ways organizations can access this support is by creating a free account and claiming their program(s).

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